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Now, around 10 years later, I have a very strong and varied skillset to present, which greatly aids my game design and general presence in game development in many varied ways. Theres just too much interesting stuff around!


Now specialized on system /competitive design, free-to-play practices, UI/UX, and I also have amazing general knowledge around CO-OP, FPS and MOBA games you totally should exploit.

As a person, I highly value objectivity, logical reasoning and passion in craftsmanship,

and this is reflected on all my work and actions. Problem solving and improving things

is absolutely my thing, and if you think you have a real challenge, come and find me!

Let's create something amazing together!

I've been crafting interactive experiences for 12 years now.  It's about time we meet!  :)



[2Y] Games Academy Berlin

Game development A-Z, Design, UX, Monetization ...


[3Y] Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers

Traditional Art, Product Design, Photo/Cinematography,

Print, Sculpture, 3D Modeling, 2D / Vector Art


[3Y] Neie Lycée Experimental School Concept

Classes: Drawing, Architecture, Photoshop, 3D Modeling



I had the extreme chance of attending several high profile schools and learning very early about game related work, art and design thus giving me an extreme headstart, but I also started making games even earlier and invested a lot of my free time, so make that double :) I also speak 4 languages!

Full CV & Game design document examples on request.



About me:


Born in Luxemburg, Europe, I was always into technology and started soon with game creation. Releasing my first game with USPs at the age of 13, and after much acclaim of my game analysis and guides a year later, I realized that game creation is my kind of thing!


Seeing the possibility of making the beloved game

development a real profession, I started buying and borrowing all relevant games to analyze them, searched for everything game design, UI or art related that was possible to find, and never stopped doing so. Coupled with my fortunate education, I can now present a uniquely broad skillset, which is all complementing my core game design work in many varied ways. My best trait would be my logical and analytical thinking, which lead to all the other things I would say. Currently located at the nice city of Berlin, Germany.


Oh you found a easteregg!


Berlin, Germany

[+49] 177 653 40 31




As I saw no discrepiancy between art and design, I tried mastering both, and luckily had the unique chance of attending several high profile schools, granting me a very strong headstart for that I'm very grateful for.


I started reading everything game development related I could only find, bought and borrowed all relevant games of the time to analyze them, and tried very hard to improve my content creation skills (Art), as I did not realize I wouldn't have to do everything by myself later on. Who would have known!


Some varied game development related but mostly non game design examples of my work:

Many passions.




Hello! I am Eric Krutten, passionate Game Designer.


Born in Luxemburg, (EU), gifted with strong logical capabilities and fascinated by technology, I soon started with game creation. After releasing my first game at the age of 13, and a lot of positive resonance on my game guides a year later, I realized game design and development is my kind of thing! (And man, I loved games!)


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