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Welcome! - Eric Alexander Krutten,

passionate Game Designer here.

Diplomed game designer, Co-Founder of FlowFire Games and consultant from Luxemburg

(currently living in Berlin) with many passions and varied skillset. If I'm not doing game design,

UI/UX, research, playing or reviews, I like to dig around in art, tech art or user behavior. Crazy stuff!



Where I excel:


- Game Feel / Kinesthetics / Audiovisual Feedback

- UI / User experience and Player behavior design

- Competitive Unit / Hero / Item design and balancing

- System design and core-gameplay Mechanics

- Merging art and technical art with game design

My favorite / best Genres:

- FPS / Shooter games

- RTS / Moba games

- Rogue-Lite formats

- Defense & Action games



- Synthetik: 92% Review Score on Steam

- Synthetik: Nearing 1000 Reviews on Steam

- Winner of IndieDB "Best Gameplay" Award 2018

- Nominated 3x in German Developer Awards 2018:

-- Best Game Design

-- Best Indie Game

-- Innovation

- Nominated in German Computer Games Price 2019:

-- Best Game Design

Ingame Achievements:


- World of Warcraft Arena: S3 2300+ [Top 0.5%]

- Dota 2 Rating (Pre Seasonal): 5000 MMR [Top 1%]

- League of Legends: S2 Platinum [Top 10%]

- CS-GO: Master Guardian Elite [Top 15%]

- Dawn of War 2 (RTS): Rank 50

- Starcraft 2: Season 1 Platinum

These are some of the most complex experiences;

The proof that I will understand your game and audience to the highest extend.

My specialties are 'Game Feel' (Feedback / Kinaesthetics) as well as Shooter & RTS/Moba games.

I can help you make your game feel amazing or share insight from analyzing about every FPS and MOBA game, incl. asian markets. I am in touch with the low to hard core audience and know what they want.

At offer are in-depth project reviews, with honest and to-the-point critique, coupled with suggestions and direct solutions about all critical driving parts of your game (coding excluded) from core gameplay systems, game feel, to progression and UI / UX  (...) in a depth of your desire.

The result is a better feeling and operating product, saved money which far exceeds my cost

and decreased risks. No money charged if you should somehow not be satisfied. There is no catch!




Indie Consultation Package


Project Review with Solutions

425 Euro


Monthly Feedback Roundup

or Specifics

Just Ask!


Let's create something amazing together!


I've been making games for 14 years now,

it's about time we meet!


Currently Free for game related consultations

Currently Occupied for full/half time work

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