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2012-2014  Games Acedemy Berlin




Game development specific school

Very varied subjects, Game Design,

Monetization, Art ...


(Usually people can start at this point)



2008-2011  Lycée technique des Arts et Metiers


College / Abitur


Photography, Layouting, Product design,

3D Modeling, Rendering, Cinematography,

History of Arts, Game Design, Industrial design



2005-2008  Neie Lycee, New experimental School


High School equivalent


Fulltime school. Could take 2x weekly classes in

Photoshop, Architecture and 3D Modeling and



Waste incineration plant


My first usage of a computer (outside of writing)

in MS paint at age 10. Kind of a strange subject

I suppose. Not too far sighted sending the toxic

leftovers all into space in hindsight : )



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